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While NEDSRA participants and families are at home staying safe and healthy, the staff want to make sure you have something to keep you busy.  NEDSRA will provide booklets of activities weekly since we miss getting to see you every day in programs. Activity booklets will be available on Monday and Friday via email and on NEDSRA’s social media pages. If you need a physical copy provided, please call NEDSRA at 630.620.4500 and request a copy today! Complete the activities in the comfort of your own home to keep your mind and body active. Stay connected with us on social media by using #keepingNEDSRAconnected so that we can see what you are up to while you are keeping safe and healthy.

As a new volume is made available, you will be able to download each one below.

Stay in touch through Facebook where we will provide ideas to stay engaged including fitness plans, fun recipes, art projects, games and more!

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please be safe.

Thank You,


Activity Books!

Volume 1 Volume 11 Volume 21 Volume 31 Volume 41 Volume 51
Volume 2 Volume 12 Volume 22 Volume 32 Volume 42 Volume 52
Volume 3 Volume 13 Volume 23 Volume 33 Volume 43 Volume 53
Volume  4 Volume 14 Volume 24 Volume 34 Volume 54
Volume 5 Volume 15 Volume 25 Volume 35 Volume 45 Volume 55
Volume 6 Volume 16 Volume 26 Volume 36 Volume 46 Volume 56
Volume 7 Volume 17 Volume 27 Volume 37 Volume 47 Volume 57
Volume 8 Volume 18 Volume 28 Volume 38 Volume 48 Volume 58
Volume 9 Volume 19 Volume 29 Volume 39 Volume 49 Volume 59
Volume 10 Volume 20 Volume 30 Volume 40 Volume 50 Volume 60



Need a laugh? Or want to learn a new cooking recipe and craft? Then hop on over to NEDSRA’s YouTube Channel for hours of virtual fun!


We greatly appreciate your understanding and continued support during this trying time. We keep doing our best for people like you. Our current services and programs are designed to meet the needs of all our families. Some individuals have asked how they can give back during this time. If you feel it your heart, a donation is greatly appreciated.

Having trouble opening PDFs? Download Adobe Reader here.

Putting People First is more than just our slogan; it is our approach to everything we do!