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Adult Day Program (TREC)


The TREC program provides opportunities which challenge the individual but also ensures success and a positive experience. TREC strives to maintain and develop social skills and life skills in order to provide individuals with positive experiences within their community, and assist with the transitions occurring in their post-school years of life. TREC provides opportunities for self-discovery, self-advocacy and fun through community-based volunteer opportunities, recreation activities and peer interactions. TREC is a recreation-based program developed to meet the unique needs of transition aged individuals with an intellectual disability who desire to reach their full potential through recreational and leisure activities and community involvement.

TREC Requirements

1. Individuals must be able to eat independently.

2. Individuals must be between the ages of 18+

3. Individuals must be able to successfully function in a 1:6 staff ratio

4. Individuals must be able to use the restroom and change themselves independently

5. Individuals must actively participate in all aspects of program schedule and demonstrate flexibility

6. Individuals are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior with peers, staff and community members


TREC Survey

With the demand for more daytime programming, NEDSRA is looking to open a second site of TREC. Your input helps us plan for the development of a second location. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. We appreciate your feedback and strive to make the TREC program an enjoyable and meaningful experience for our participants. Please click below to fill out our Survey!


If you are interested in the program please contact Maggie Goode, Superintendent of Recreation at 630-576-4036 OR

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