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Sensory Station

NEDSRA’s Sensory Room provides a safe, nurturing, person-centered, supportive environment. It is used to facilitate empowerment, self-organization, relaxation, sensory awareness, communication, reality orientation, activity tolerance, and awareness of self, peers, and surroundings. In addition, using the room can provide de-escalation techniques, stress reductions, and self-control.

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Sensory Station Visits

Enjoy weekly 45-minute visits to the Sensory Station all to yourself! Experience the relaxing and nurturing atmosphere offered as your child learns and plays. The benefits of the Sensory Station are limitless. The sensory room is sanitized before and after each visit to ensure a safe, clean environment for all. One family per session.

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Sean Fritsch

Recreation Coordinator

Putting People First is more than just our slogan; it is our approach to everything we do!