Our Funding
NEDSRA relies on a variety of funding sources to provide comprehensive services at the highest standards of excellence. Our partner park districts and villages provide the majority of financial support, generated from tax dollars under the Special Recreation Levy. Additional funds from state grants, foundations, corporations and fundraising events help meet the growing need for services and accessible transportation. Modest program fees are charged for most services, similar to those charged by our member partners.



Annual Service Report
This year, NEDSRA celebrated its 40th year of service. We proudly reflect back on the many outstanding programs and partnerships created. NEDSRA has brought joy to many lives over these years. We have created a place for participants to make friends, socialize, and participate in a wide range of programs and activities. As you review the Annual Service Report, you will notice NEDSRA’s continued commitment to our participants. In challenging financial times, we continue to put the people we serve, first.

This report reflects the many accomplishments of this past year. A participant’s smiling face would not be possible without the continued efforts and commitment of staff, partners and our donors.

On behalf of the NEDSRA Board of Trustees and staff, we thank you for your continued support

Rick Poole
NEDSRA Executive Director 

Paul Friedrich
Lombard Park District
Chairman, NEDSRA Board of Trustees